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5 Reasons to Invest in Heirloom Quality Furniture

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Heirloom quality furniture is valuable and of premium quality for use by many generations. The furniture is of great quality and thus passed down through family generations. They are classic and timeless, meaning generations of families can use and still find them attractive and functional. Heirloom furniture is built to last decades of use, standing the test of time, weather and use. If you’re wondering whether to invest in heirloom or cheap furniture, you’re in the right place. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in heirloom quality furniture for your home:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Heirloom Quality Furniture 

1. Custom Made for You 

 Heirloom quality furniture is often custom made to suit the needs of a homeowner. A custom furniture maker is attentive to fine details while constructing quality furniture. The right type of wood is selected, proper joints used and finishing touch given to furniture, making it custom and heirloom quality. With origins in the 18th century, carpenters handcraft furniture to give them an aged, vintage look and character. Consistency during construction ensures the end product is true heirloom furniture. Construction techniques, type of wood, furniture design and the finishing touch given are key to building unique, custom furniture. From the moment wood is chosen to the time furniture is given a final finish, you’re involved in the critical thought process to ensure the end-product is what you actually want and will love to use. Whether you want an antique replica, custom furniture inspired by early century designs or something completely out of the ordinary, heirloom furniture can be built to suit your preferences.

 2. Quality Construction

 Heirloom quality furniture is of top quality. They are built to last many years. With quality construction, furniture built can stand the test of time to become priceless antiques. The same quality is inherent in heirloom furniture. They’re handcrafted and their natural characteristics retained to ensure each piece of furniture is unique. The quality and durability of heirloom quality furniture explain why they are passed down many generations. Construction techniques that have been in use for centuries are used to make heirloom quality furniture. Sliding dovetails, half-blind and through dovetails, and tenon-and-mortise joints that were used to make antiques are used to construct heirloom furniture. Modern technology of duplication isn’t used.

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3. Top Quality Materials

Premium hardwoods such as tiger, cherry, walnut, bird’s eye, mahogany and birch are used to make heirloom quality furniture. Wood is carefully selected to suit your needs. Attention is paid to each piece of board in use and quarter-sawn wood utilized if the stability of the furniture is important. Wood with matching grains, including boards for drawers and doors give this type of furniture its unique character. They also ensure consistency throughout the furniture. Boards are hand selected to make door panels with unique yet matching natural grains to attain a symmetrical look.

4. Quality Finishes 

The right material and application method are used to give heirloom furniture quality finishes. The right texture, tone and gloss are attained using custom-blended, hand-rubbed and premium varnish on top of a desired dye or stain. The protective finish displays heirloom furniture’s natural beauty while ensuring it last years of use.

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5. Low Impact of Wide Wood Movement 

Wide hardwoods such as wide-figured boards give heirloom furniture the look and quality of furniture made centuries ago with wood from virgin forests. Wood used to make custom furniture of this kind tend to contract, expand, warp or even crack, not due to workmanship or material defects, but natural characteristics of the hardwoods used. The natural wood movements are considered during furniture construction to reduce their effects. Although the movements in heirloom quality furniture barely affect their use, they can be corrected if the converse is true. Heirloom quality furniture can be costly initially, but they are cheap in the long run because they’re so durable they can last hundreds of years.

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