Monday, November 20, 2017

Top 3 ways to use a fish tank ornament

Large decorations, such as plants should be kept at the sides or at the back of the fish tank so as to conceal the unsightly but essential aquarium components. Components such as heaters, air lines and lift tubes are what you will want to hide as best as you can. In order to utilize the space inside the aquarium, plants and other ornaments that are similar in size should be grouped together, but they should also be grouped differently according to colors. This arrangement gives the fish tank a pop of color and texture. Plants should also be used to conceal the edges of other ornaments such as plastic decor, water wheels and volcanoes. You can use live plants to decorate the aquarium and they add a certain pop of authenticity to the tank; though this results in extra maintenance. An advantage of real plants is that they help maintain the pH of the water, as well as adding to the oxygen concentration of the water. On the bright side there are synthetic replacements that look and feel just as good as live plants. 

Substrates are those ornaments that are used to line the floor of the fish tank. There is a wide variety of materials to choose from including sand, pebbles, gravel or even stones. The materials can also either be natural or synthetic. Sand is suitable for fish that love to spend time at the bottom, buried in the sand or just rubbing themselves around in the sand. Fish like a freshwater ray, knife fish and rays will prefer a sandy bottom. The downside of using sand is that due to its small size, it tends to collect up in the wastewater, thus needing frequent replacement. The most common and popular choices for freshwater aquariums are gravel and stones. This is because they are much easier to clean. They are also a better option to glass pebbles which though beautiful, are not the best to use, especially for large fish tanks. Glass pebbles are not conducive for fish since they do not offer enough surface area for the multiplication of bacteria, which are vital for the production of nitrogen in the tank. Glass pebbles also tend to get sharper edges when they erode, compared to gravel and stones, thus are dangerous to fish. Thus glass pebbles require a lot of maintenance and replacement over time.

Items like corals, sunken ships and treasure chests can be used to add flavor to the aquarium. These items can be acquired in any fish shop near you, or even on online websites for fish tank ornaments such as When making a decision about which ornament to choose, a lot of factors must be included in the decision making process. The first has to be the size of the tank. Enough space has to be left for the movement of the fish. Also, you have to accommodate other decorations that are already in the tank such as plants and substrate. It is also important to avoid items that may be harmful to the fish. Items such as driftwood and real coral may harbor diseases and parasites that may infest your fish tank and will decompose at some point, adding more maintenance work. It is important to make sure that anything that will be added to the aquarium should be cleaned thoroughly first before it is introduced.

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