Monday, September 04, 2017

5 Ways that building a Potting Shed can add to your property

For gardening hobbyists and farm producers, potting sheds are essential. They allow plants to thrive during the cold winter months and help farmers to grow plants off-season. 

A potting shed is like an ordinary garden shed and is usually made up of wood with one or more sides covered with a thin transparent material (such as glass or plastic). The transparent walls of a potting shed are always slightly angled in order to maximize its exposure to sunlight in autumn and winter. It is important that the building material used is thin enough to allow heat to pass through. However, this can also be a problem as it allows poorer insulation during cold winter days. More versatile materials for walls and roofing can be used in construction to allow less heat to diffuse from the structure. 

When fully-stocked and planted, potting sheds can be aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same time. Building one in your own home can have other benefits as well. Here are 5 ways that building a potting shed can add to your property. 

1. Potting sheds provide a healthier and greener feel to your home. Many studies have shown that gardening offers numerous health related benefits. For one, it can provide much-needed relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Additionally, growing your own fruits and vegetables can be a cost-effective way to stay healthy. Tending a garden can also be a form of exercise. While maintaining an outdoor garden in the winter becomes impossible, having a potting shed allows you to have all these benefits without worrying too much about the cold. 

2. They can be aesthetically pleasing aside from functional. People who love to garden will enjoy having a space to grow plants year-round and keep their gardening implements in one place. While it can strictly be functional, a potting shed can also be a decorative focal point for any garden. Whether for storage or decoration, a potting shed is a welcome addition to any avid gardener’s backyard. 

3. They provide much-needed storage space. One of the cons of putting up a potting shed is giving up space on your property. In most cases, building a space-efficient design for your potting shed can provide you with a lot of storage space. A potting shed can also give you a place to store and organize your gardening tools. 

4. They are multi-functional. Aside from providing a space for your plants to grow, a potting shed can also be used for other activities and hobbies. Designing your potting shed or outbuilding for other purposes can be costly, but smart planning can help make repurposing your shed a sound investment. Plus, using an outbuilding in your backyard as a home office can help save up on long commutes to work. 

5. Having a potting shed or multi-purpose outbuilding can increase your property value. While the value of your shed won't necessarily reflect the pricing of your property, having a well-built backyard outbuilding will certainly add to your home's appraisal value. Quality-built sheds, aside from being visually appealing, will also catch the attention of prospective buyers and increase your property's market value. Remember that adding even the smallest shed takes a whole lot of effort, so it is definitely a good idea to plan things through so you get to enjoy the full benefits of all your hard work. You may visit for more information on the best potting sheds that you can add to your property.

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