Monday, August 07, 2017

4 Tips to styling a compact home

You may have spent a lot of time on Pinterest checking out the beautifully-styled homes and wishing that you could do the same for your own home. The problem is, you live in a small home, therefore it does not give you enough. 

1. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things – with the limited space you have, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. If you want to make space for more stylish things in your home, it may be time for spring cleaning. Look through your clothes and other stuff to see if there are things that you no longer need. Don’t be afraid to let go of things, even if they have sentimental value. Choose only the ones that really mean a lot to you. 

2. Get creative with your storage – if you’ve done your spring cleaning but there is still a lot of stuff left, then try to make your storage as creative as possible. Look through your house and check for unlikely spaces where you can put your things. Bookshelves can be installed above doorways, and don’t forget the space under the stairs can be used to house stuff that you do not want to be displayed. You can also look for things that can serve dual purposes. Instead of an ordinary ottoman, you can look for one that has storage, so that you can save space. Look for storage that would look attractive, such as woven baskets that can hide your little things. Those baskets would look great on a shelf and will make your home still look clean and stylish. 

3. Create the illusion of space with mirrors and curtains - even in a small compact home, you can create the illusion of a bigger space. One trick that designers use to make it look the ceilings are higher than they really are is that they use the longest possible length for curtains. Another oldie but goodie trick is the use of mirrors. The reflection and the natural light it brings into the room makes it bigger in the eyes of people. So make use of it in small rooms and narrow hallways to make it more stylish. 

4. Purchase the right furniture – to create a stylish home, you need to be smart when shopping for furniture. Choose sofas that are not bulky and too big for your living room. Consider trying a more modern, contemporary look so that your space won’t look too cluttered. Get creative with the design and look for pieces that are not only functional but beautiful. Get creative with your lighting and choose a chandelier that looks like an art sculpture. The great thing about furniture nowadays is that designers and companies come up with a collection with the mindset that there are people who are looking to save space but still be stylish. If you’re on the hunt for stylish and space-saving furniture, check out the furniture collections found at Danetti. They offer beautiful, affordable and stylish pieces that would look beautiful in any home.

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