Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Product Love: Original Sunscreen

With temperature already in the mid 80's, it's very important to keep my children protected from the sun and the heat. With 3 kids and busy days, we are in the car a lot -- a lot. The Original Sunscreen has been a life saver! This foldable 16" clip-on shade with UV inhibitors blocks out the sun and keeps my children cool in the car. It's lightweight and portable -- perfect for outdoor concerts, sporting events and of course, the beach!

The bendable arm can be easily adjusted to provide shade for any car seat and stroller, it's easy to clip on and can me moved to any area.

When I need some extra shade to cover Lucia's legs when we go out for walks, I simply clip the Original Sunscreen to the stroller and we are ready to go!


  • Bendable aluminum 16" arm encased in durable plastic
  • Adjustable, double-clip mounts attaches to almost any chair, stroller and car seat
  • Shade with UV inhibitors. 
  • Lightweight and durable so you can take it anywhere!

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