Friday, September 30, 2016

Baby Essentials: Bitzy Bumper® The Crib Bumper Solution

Given that September is JPMA's Baby Safety Month, I didn't want this month to end before sharing a product that is making infant sleeping safer.

Revolutionizing and innovative, Bitzy Baby's Bumped Liner features breathable 3D webbed removable inserts and a natural microfiber exterior and it has 30 times less suffocation risk than the industry standard for safe sleeping. The Bitzy bumped liner offers all five critical features needed to create a safe and modern sleeping environment: 
  • cushioned
  • breathable 
  • prevention
  • collapsable
  • modern 

The bumpers are easy to install and fit most cribs, its neutral color is perfect to match all nursery styles and decor.

Use promo code FBSHIP during checkout and receive free shipping within the US

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