Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Baby Essentials: Pacidose Baby & Infant Medicine Dispenser

If your babies are anything like mine, it's nearly impossible to easily and accurately give them children  any type of liquid medication, it's always a struggle. Luckily, Pacidose is here to help!

Created by Dr. Agnes Scoville a mom, a veteran and an ER doctor, Pacidose is a pacifier medication dispenser that features a hospital-grade oral syringe for perfect measurement, and a tiny tube down the middle that prevents liquid from being wasted in the nipple.

Multiple studies confirm that babies are frequently given the wrong dose of medicine, due to rejection and inaccurate measurement. Pacidose solves the problem.

Available in 0-6, 6-18 and 18+ months. Pacidose is easy to use.  Simply fill the syringe with the correct amount of medicine, attach the Pacidose nipple to the syringe and after your child begins to suck, gently assist with plunger. Done! How easy is that? No more wasted medicine, no more inaccurate dosing. 

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