Friday, December 04, 2015

Product Love: DrippLip

I recently went back to work - I work part time, 2 days a week - which meant it was time to introduce a bottle to baby Lucia's routine, she did great and transitioned perfectly. It was during this time that we tried out our new DrippLip bib for the first time.
Designed by fellow mom ShanLee Crawford, the DrippLip was created out of need after her daughter Charlotte developed a bad case of neck rash. The DrippLip bottle feeding baby bib was created to protect baby's sensitive skin during feedings by quickly absorbing liquid from the baby's cheeks and chin before it has a chance to reach a baby's neck rolls. While Lucia does not have reflux, she still spits up often after nursing, the DrippLip has been an enormous help preventing spit up from soiling her clothes and soaking through onto her skin, it is also the perfect drip catcher for spoon feeding and medicine dribble.

How does the DrippLip work? The DrippLip is uniquely designed to curve up on the baby's cheeks and chin. By attaching in the front it allows for easy on and off access while creating triple layer absorbency around the chin; the most common place for liquid to drip. The fabric used in the DrippLip was specifically chosen, as it is soft on the baby's skin while being highly absorbent and fast drying. Further, the fabric is resistant to odors and ideal for sensitive skin.
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