Friday, November 06, 2015

Product Love: MooGoo Skincare

I was recently introduced to MooGoo, a natural skin care company based out of the Gold Coast in Australia. Their products are not only designed for people with sensitive or troublesome skin but for those looking for products that are safe, natural and effective.

MooGoo's baby range line is gentle enough for newborns and it's made with natural edible oils and completely free of toxic or any harmful ingredients that can irritate their delicate skin.

The boys and LucĂ­a have been using three of their most popular products and not only is their skin softer then ever, they smell {a subtle natural smell} delicious!

Nappy Balm Perfect for persistent diaper rashes and irritated skin, this balm is formulated using edible oils such as evening primrose and jojoba oil to soothe and help protect their skin. 

Mini Moo Bubbly Wash Using a combination of six bubbling cleansers, the natural Bubbly Wash is free of ingredients that are known to leave skin dry.  MooGoo also added colloidal rice bran and aloe to soothe and nourish baby skin while leaving it feeling silky smooth and fresh. 

MSM Soothing Cream Packed with nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, aloe vera and coconut oil, this soothing cream will leave your baby's - and your skin -  feeling moisturized every day. They've also added MSM (organic sulphur) to provide natural anti-inflammatory properties and to help calm irritable and inflamed skin. 

Is an Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks. They make products full of healthy ingredients for children and adults that help nourish and protect even the most sensitive types of skins. All ingredients are proudly displayed on their website, so you exactly what's in every product sold.

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