Friday, November 20, 2015

Company Spotlight: Mo-mo-ta - 100% organic muslin baby clothing

Proudly designed in New York City and manufactured in the United States with a "less is more mentality", the Mo-mo-ta baby clothing and accessory line uses only the best 100% organic muslin cotton to create its garments. Their line consists of simple modern pieces made with soft, breathable fabrics in beautiful colors.

Lucia is wearing their grey stripe long sleeve footie
Staying cozy wearing her pink muslin pants
The open weave element of muslin cotton allows air to freely circulate, keeping the skin of a baby vented, dry, and comfortable.  Ideal for warmer and colder weathers, Mo-mo-ta uses single layer muslin in their spring/summer collections, and two or three layers to keep babies warm when wearing their fall/winter collections.

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