Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Cooking - Easy & Delicious!

Fall isn’t just the time for campfires and pumpkin spice lattes—it’s also the perfect time to host an outdoor cook-off challenge for a charitable cause! Firefighters are dedicated to saving lives and protecting the community – but they are also famous for knowing their way around the kitchen. On October 20th, Johnsonville teamed up with firehouses in the Atlanta area to host a cross town challenge where the rivaling houses cooked up a one pot stew and put it to the test. Inspired by these challenged, Brad and I decided to join Johnsonville and share our favorite sausage recipes for this season. 

First up this week, I'm sharing a delicious {and super easy} chorizo and tomato salad topped with goat cheese and served with warm ciabatta bread. 

1 pack of Johnsonville chorizo sausages (raw)
Cherry tomatoes (as many as you see fit)
2 Shallots (1/2 of a red onion is a good substitute)
Black pepper
Sea salt
Olive oil
Sherry vinegar (2 tablespoons)
Fresh basil (optional)
4 Garlic cloves

Grill the chorizo until cooked through fully and slice them up.  Cook the chorizo in a lug of olive oil, you want them to be nice and crispy. Once they’re ready, tilt the pan so the chorizo and oil are all on one side of the pan – throw the sliced garlic in the oil. Once the garlic starts to produce its wonderful aroma, it’s ready. While the chorizo is cooking, prepare the tomato salad with some olive oil, salt, pepper and sherry vinegar and toss in the thinly sliced shallots. Mix the cooked chorizo and garlic (and some of the flavor-packed oil) into the tomato salad with a few dollops of goat cheese. Serve with a a side of warm ciabatta bread. 

Join me next Thursday for another delicious Johnsonville sausage recipe. 

Coming up next week: Hot Italian sausage, peppers, onions and potato hash. Yum!

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