Monday, July 06, 2015

Product Love: Yezz Stroller by Quinny

I've reached that point in my pregnancy (I'm in my third trimester) were completing the simplest of tasks has become an ordeal. My main issue right now while heading out of the house with my boys is my jogging stroller. It's become increasingly harder to get the bulky and heavy stroller in and out of the car and the 100 degree weather is not helping one bit. I was on the market for a functional stroller that would make my life easier - and I've finally found it! 

Created by Quinny, Europe’s most respected and stylish stroller brand, the Yezz stroller (perfect for children from 6 months to 40 lbs) weighs only 11 lbs. and offers an ultra-compact quick and easy fold/unfold system. This lightweight and durable stroller includes an adjustable carry strap that transforms the unit into a hands-free backpack, making it ideal for family travel on planes, trains as well as cabs and small cars.

Yezz offers a comfortable hammock style seat, an ergonomic push bar, repellant fabrics, and a handy storage pocket. Available in six interchangeable seats, Yezz is designed with the latest technology and lightest materials around.  This stroller has been a dream to maneuver and loading it in  and out of my car has never been easier.

Check out all the trunk space still available! 


  1. This is exactly what we need. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was just doing some research and this stroller is rated number one for umbrella strollers. Great choice.


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