Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Company Spotlight: Beech-Nut

I've always taken pride  in being able to make my own baby food. Knowing exactly what ingredients are in my children's food has always been important to me. As a busy mom of two it's good to know that there are companies out there that share my same food philosophy. Dylan recently tried Beech-Nut's new organic line and loved the options available. Inspired by moms making homemade baby food, Beech-Nut’s uses a gentle cooking process to make foods with texture, color and flavor that looks, tastes and feels just like real homemade food. 
There are 20 single or combination fruit and vegetable selections with bright colors and bold flavors like apple, raspberry & avocado, peas & spinach and butternut squash & sweet corn - apple, raspberry and avocado was Dylan's favorite. 
These handy jars have been great to toss in my diaper bag when I'm heading out of the house for the day and have no time to thaw out homemade fruit or veggie purees or simply haven't made another fresh batch.
In addition to the new line, Beech-Nut recently became the first U.S. baby food company to list the exact ingredient percentage for their jars and pouches. This information is currently available on Beech-Nut’s website when you click on each product image.

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