Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reading Corner: The Alphabet of Bugs: An ABC Book

Travel through the alphabet with The Alphabet of Bugs to learn about the many beautiful and unusually named bugs found in nature—and brush up on those ABCs as well! 

Jack has been obsessed with The Alphabet of Bugs ever since it arrived, what 4 year old isn't obsessed with bug, right? Perfect for kids learning the alphabet and insect lovers alike, this book is full of colorful real-life photographs of unique and beautiful creatures.

I must admit that I was drawn to this book because of the stunning photography but I won't lie, even I ended up learning about bugs!  This book allows children to learn the alphabet through silly sentences, fun alliteration and vibrant insects. 

Jack's face is cracking me up! He was trying to so hard to repeat - and memorize - the name of his favorite bugs.

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