Tuesday, June 02, 2015

5 Great Energy Saving Tips for Your Home Appliances

Keeping your energy costs and consumption low in your home is one of the best things you can do to help keep your household bills to a minimum while being environmentally friendly in the process. As most major appliances use about 13 percent of your total electricity consumption, finding ways to keep their consumption rates down is pretty crucial. Here we take a look at five great ways you can do exactly that and really help knock down the price of those pesky bills.
Regular Maintenance and Care
The best way of keeping on top of things like fridges, dishwashers, dryers, commercial ice machines, microwaves and washing machines? To keep them regularly maintained and cared for in the first place. That means calling in professional repairs when needed, as well as keeping items clean both inside and out. The amount of time and money you spend doing this will only repay you in keeping the performance of your machines effective and preventing them from sucking up too much energy than they actually require to run.
Keep energy costs down in your fridge by taking varied action. Let hot foods cool before placing inside your appliance, monitor the temperature and keep doors closed as much as you can so that cold air is kept inside and doesn’t escape. Other great ways of pushing down the energy consumption rate of your fridge? Place it in a cooler location in your home, clean the condenser coils often and only use manufacturer recommended parts when the time for replacement comes.
You can save energy with dryers by loading full loads as much as you can, by drying heavy items (such as towels and bed linen) separately from lighter ones and clearing the lint screen of your machine after each cycle. Other great ways of saving dryer energy? Scrub the lint filter every now and again to prevent the film building up and reducing airflow and overall performance.
Microwave Ovens
Microwave ovens can be managed to reduce their energy consumption by unplugging them when not in use and using them frequently over other methods of cooking purely because the cooking time they allow is far shorter. Prepare what you cook strategically too. Place heavier and thicker items closer to the edge and lighter pieces in the centre.
Running dishwashers exclusively on full loads is the best way to make sure you efficiently use energy, but you can also use the air-dry setting too or open the door to allow dishes to dry right away after a rinse cycle. If you can wash at off-peak hours too, pile your load after eating and run during the night or early morning, you’ll also avoid energy use at peak times of the day. Saving energy by using your household appliances carefully with more consideration is a general rule of thumb rather than a habitual practice. Take on board the aforementioned tips above and you’ll be well on your way to pushing down your bills.
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