Friday, April 17, 2015

Reading Corner: Where Do Baby Teeth Go?

Jack's first visit to the dentist a few months ago was a complete success. A few weeks after his first visit, with the help of a local dentist, they started learning about teeth and oral hygiene at preschool. Ever since, he's been obsessed with brushing his teeth and flossing - yes, my 4 year old loves to floss! 

Where Do Our Baby Teeth Go? was the perfect book to help him continue learning about what happens to his baby teeth as he continues to grow. Written by Vilasinee Bunnag and illustrated by Yasmin Doctor, this interactive and educational book is a modern take on tooth stories and traditions from around the world. From the US to Brazil, China to Sweden pages are filled with adorable stories to help kids understand, celebrate and document their milestone of losing baby teeth.
Each page reveals vibrant illustrations featuring a child sharing their story about losing baby teeth in their respective countries. During the interactive portion of the book, readers (with the help of their parents) are encouraged to write their own tooth story and use diagrams to track which teeth they have lost and where in the world they were when the important milestone occurred.


  1. What a fun book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's a relief. And it seems like he was a trooper throughout the whole thing. It's a welcome bonus that he's given reading materials while waiting, so that he wouldn’t have to think about it while he waited his turn. Though he did require assistance on the actual procedure, but it’s what you’d normally expect on a first visit. Anyway, what was the verdict after? I hope they were both free of cavities, and that their teeth are growing out just fine. Take care!

    Brian Derrick @ Falls Park Dentistry


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