Friday, February 06, 2015

Product Love: Handmade Nomenclature

I'm always looking for one of a kind decor to add to Jack's room and when I found HandmadeNomenclature, I knew their unique signs would be the perfect addition to his wall decor.

Each sign is crafted from scrap plywood hand-cut with a bandsaw, then sanded and painted with whimsical patterns and colors using nontoxic paint. All pieces are completely unique and handmade to order - you have the option of selecting the a main color way, they will accent the background color with contrasting patterns.

Jack's gallery walls features family pictures, his first pieces of  art work, a special Native American print given by his great grandmother and other unique pieces.

All Handmade Nomenclature signs stand by themselves so you can prop them on shelfs, mantles or dressers. Jack decided he wanted to display his sign on his gallery wall.  Shop for your personalized Handmade Nomenclature sign here.


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