Monday, January 19, 2015

Product Love: Plum Organics - Hello Meals

Dylan started eating solids last month and so far he has liked every single thing he has tried. He's had everything from sweet potatoes,  green beans, green peas, bananas, and even eggs (yolk only). While Dylan eats mostly homemade food, it's great to have tasty, natural dishes readily available. 

I recently introduced him to Plum Organics new Hello Meals. Plum Organics, a leading organic kids nutrition company, offers a wide range of nutritious, delicious meals and snacks for your entire family. Their products aim to help your entire family build healthy eating habits by introducing a diverse array of flavors, colors, textures, and super foods to your little ones early on in their lives. Inspire them to celebrate all the amazing tastes life has to offer. All their products are organic, Non-GMO, whole, and only simple ingredients are used whenever possible.

To his breakfast meals I added some extra blueberries and bananas for a extra dose of flavor. To  his dinner meal options, I added some extra veggies (broccoli and sweet potatoes) for  an extra punch of nutrition. Dylan devoured them all! Preparing them couldn't be easier. Simply add a hot water, any veggies, meats or fruits, stir, and serve.

Breakfast time! 

Plum's all NEW products for baby, are the perfect way for little ones to warm up to new flavors and textures. Made with whole grains like quinoa & oats, organic fruits & veggies plus a hint of herbs or spices, just add hot water to create a quick, organic flavor-packed meal for babe! With two Hello Morning breakfast varieties and two Hello Dinner dinner varieties, Plum's Hello line is ideal for babies 6 months & up (stage 3). For older babies who have advanced beyond soft textures, the packets make great building blocks for a more complex dish.


  1. We love Plum Organics here! I need to find these!

    1. Dylan has loved all 4 but his favorite so far is the broccoli and cheese pasta. They are super convenient too. If you won't be home, all you need is some hot water and a pouch and breakfast/dinner is served!

  2. These sound yumm. I'm going to have to give them a try.

    1. Monica - my husband tried them and loved them too :)


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