Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Product Love: Dyson Ball Vacuum

Jack has been obsessed with vacuum cleaners ever since he was tiny. Every time we would go to Target he would beg to go to the vacuum aisle. Back and forth I would walk that aisle so he could look at the vacuum cleaners over and over again - weird little child! 

One year old Jack staring at his favorite vacuum cleaners

A few years ago, we bought him a small toy vacuum cleaner but it didn't last long. The sound stopped working and the handle broke off so we gave up on them for a while. This Christmas he got a new Dyson Ball Vacuum and he's obsessed again! The Dyson Ball toy vacuum can twist and turn it, suck up teeny pieces of paper, and has a collection bin that can be emptied.  This replica of Dyson's bestselling vacuum includes a working release pedal, spinning colorful beads, suction motor, and great sound effects.

Jack is my little helper and whenever I take my vacuum cleaner out, he goes to the laundry room and grabs his. If could only get a Dyson vacuum cleaner for myself then we would be total twins... 


  1. How adorable, I love it. We had bought my son a cheap vacuum and it is not nearly as cute as this one! Glad you shared this, because I may need to buy one now haha.

    Heather Gendron

  2. What is it about vacuum cleaners, all kids seem to be obsessed :)

  3. Thanks a lot for your product-love-dyson-ball-vacuum.

  4. OMG, this vacuum cleaner is adorable. It would definitely make my kids obsessed. And I can make them clean up their own room from now on. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Hi, Jack! You are so cute. You remind me of my niece who is so mischievous. I love you!


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