Sunday, November 16, 2014

Product Love: Boggie Wipes + Boogie Mist

It seems like the day Jack started preschool he came home with a runny nose but I'm prepared! I learned when he was a baby that instead of using regular wipes or tissue paper, Boogie Wipes was the way to go.

Boogie Wipes gently dissolve boogies while moisturizing and soothing sensitive little noses. This saline wipes are natural and paraben fee, they won't leave your little one's skin red or blotchy. They are also the perfect makeup removal alternative, they are effective yet work gently on your skin.  

When Dylan's nose became stuffy, our pediatrician recommended we used saline solution to help clear his nasal passages. We had used nasal solutions with Jack in the past but it was always a battle to spray him. The new Boogie Mist is a non-medicated natural saline solution that helps clear and moisturize nasal and sinus passages. It flushes out dust, dirt, pollen and congestion from little - and big - noses. The kid friendly, scented "schnozzle" spay nozzle is super easy to use.

These two products are essentials in our home and we always keep them handy. I carry Boogies Wipes in my diaper bag, I keep some in my car and even have some for myself in my makeup drawer. 


  1. We are huge Boogie Wipes fans in our home. I didn't know they had nasal spray. Good to know.

    1. We've been huge fans of Boogie Wipes here too. We also love their new Boogie Mist!


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