Sunday, October 26, 2014

Product Love: Undercover Mama

Have you heard of Undercover Mama yet? Undercover Mama is a strapless camisole that attaches to any nursing bra, it can be layered under any shirt allowing you to keep your back sides and stomach covered. Undercover Mama easily transforms any shirt into a nursing shirt - genius!

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, Undercover Mama nursing shirts come with a hook and a loop that easily attaches to outer flap or strap of a top-opening nursing bra. The generous length of the shirts allows you to tuck it in or go for a layered look. With Undercover Mama you can make nursing your priority when in public with out any worry - they've got you covered!

While Jack played on the front porch, Dylan nursed and fell asleep and I remained covered. We were all able to enjoy a quiet morning outside together. 

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  1. I'm a huge Undercover Mama. I recently placed my second order.


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