Monday, July 28, 2014

Newborn Essentials: Pedi-Derm Bum Past

During the early weeks of a baby's life, diaper changes are constant. Newborn's bums are extremely sensitive so keeping them protected and smooth is a must. Knowing I would be changing a lot of diapers, I was excited to try Pedi-Derm's all natural Bum Paste on Dylan recently.

Pedi-Derm Bum Paste is made from all natural compound, non-prescription ingredients and has been made right by Letourneau's Pharmacy since 1926. Based on a multi-generational trade secret recipe, Pedi-Derm Bum Paste has proven time and time again to naturally treat  moderate to the most severe rashes in any type of skin providing immediate relief for your baby. 

Pedi-Derm Bum Paste offers a thick, long lasting barrier between baby's bottom and diaper. Unlike other products that absorb into the skin, Pedi-Derm Bum Paste remains on the surface protecting the skin and providing an opportunity for healing.

Other uses include:
  • Eczema
  • Teething rash
  • Sores and scrapes 


  1. My son has severe eczema and I'm always looking for products that will help. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Dylan had a bit of of baby acne and I applied the bum paste and it cleared it! Good luck


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