Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Product Love: Preggers by Therafirm

While I had an overall great pregnancy with Jack during my last weeks, my legs were so swollen that it was not only uncomfortable but at times painful.  This time around I've done several things differently in order to ensure an even better pregnancy. From regular work outs (more on that later) and a healthier diet to wearing compression hosiery, these changes have made a tremendous difference on the way I feel.

Preggers by Therafim has been my go to company for compression hosiery. They offer a variety of stylish products designed to energize tired pregnant legs and feet, increase circulation and prevent swelling. 

Support or gradient compression hose is often recommended for use during pregnancy to help energize tired, achy legs and to help reduce and prevent swelling. True gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking promoting better blood flow to help energize tired legs and feet, improve circulation, and assist in the prevention of swelling. They are also ideal for individuals required to sit or stand for long periods of time.
Look, no cankels!

I still work part time and spend the majority of my day sitting down, for those days, I like to wear the Light Support Maternity Pantyhose. It has helped with circulation in my legs during those days tremendously! 

Preggers® by Therafirm is a unique line of maternity support hose and compression products developed by future moms for future moms. They invited moms-to-be to try their products and provide opinions on styles, colors, and fit. The “Preggers Mommas” team was an integral part of product and brand development to ensure a full line of healthy products that will benefit moms during and post-preggers.


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