Thursday, October 24, 2013

Company Spotlight: Little Hanbury

If you've ever talk with a boy mom about boy fashions, I'm sure you've heard: "it's so boring, it all looks the same, there are not nearly as many options as there are for girls" before.  To cover that gap, in comes UK based Little Hanbury - a store entirely stocked with clothes and accessories for boys from the best brands around the world.

 photo lh_zps569c29b8.jpg

Little Hanbury is a website dedicated to little boys. They provide fashionable, high-quality clothing and accessories selected for their value, look and durability. 

Why just boys? Well, they think it’s still harder to find great boys things and felt it was time they had a dedicated site. But they don’t ignore the girls altogether: many of their brands and pieces are unisex so there's plenty for everyone.

Little boys can be rough and tumble. So their clothes and accessories should be able to withstand lots of activity and multiple washes. You want them to grow out of their clothes not wear them out when they still fit.

Their aim is to provide head-to-toe solutions for boys and have carefully chosen brands and items that they believe work well together so we are able to offer complete outfits and accessories.

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