Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Company Spotlight: Tom & Teddy

If you've been following Hello Jack for a while then you probably know that whenever I get a chance, I like for Jack and I to wear matching outfits (if I don't do this now, when will I get a chance to?) Brad and Jack don't get to wear similar outfits often so when I learned about Tom & Teddy, I knew their swim trunks would be perfect for my boys.

Hello Jack Blog: Tom & Teddy - Matching Swim Trunks

Founded in 2011 by Michelle L’Huillier and Jelle de Jong, Tom & Teddy is a classic and vibrant beachwear collection – for boys and men. Tom & Teddy is all about friendship, shared experiences and that special bond between father and son. It captures the spirit of the great Australian outdoors and the perfect summer’s day by the water. The quick-drying microfibre is salt water and chlorine resistant; this signature fabric is combined with UV protection, providing a soft finish for superb comfort.

Hello Jack Blog: Tom & Teddy - Matching Swim Trunks

I have never seen Jack as excited about a piece of clothing - except for his fireman jacket - as he was when he first saw his and Brad's new matching swim trunks. He kept repeating: para mi? para dada? Over and over again. The design, fit and cut were perfect for both of them and the super soft, quick dry material allowed them to wear their trunks from the pool straight to lunch. 

Hello Jack Blog: Tom & Teddy - Matching Swim Trunks
Brad and Jack are wearing Blue & Green Fish - for men & for boys c/o Tom & Teddy


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