Thursday, June 06, 2013

Let Me Take You Down...

Last Tuesday we went strawberry and flower picking at Goraski Plantation.  Jack and I have been there about a month ago with my local moms group and he had a great time, this time Brad, Jack's best friend Price and his dad Sean came with us.

It was a Tuesday morning so we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves. The boys enjoyed running up and down the field, picking and eating a couple of strawberries.

Best Buds!

Yum, absolutely delicious!

Spring family activity approved!

Using part of our haul, we made the most amazing strawberry jam. It was our first time ever and I was so surprised at how easy it was and delicious it turned out - no more store bought jam for us.  I'll be sharing the simple recipe soon! 

I also got the chance to pick the most beautiful flower while at the plantation. My favorite ones were these huge and bright gladiolus, aren't they gorgeous? And you won't believe how much they were... 75 cents each. Yes, only 75 cents!

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