Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Families Abroad: Top Tips to Ease the Stress

It’s that time of year again; the summer school term is coming to a close and parents all over the country have to burrow deep into their imaginations to try and come up with ideas on how to keep the kids busy during the six week break. 

Hundreds will choose to cash in their annual leave and head abroad with their families and who can blame them? With the drab English weather showing no sign of abating, it’s no wonder we look overseas for a fun-filled solution. That being said, travelling with young ones isn’t the easiest thing to do. Even short haul flights can be arduous when you have screaming kids in tow, which is why any stress-relieving tips would surely be welcome. 

Book an Airport Hotel 
Booking a room at the Travelodge Heathrow hotel can help to break up the journey, meaning less chance of your nerves being shredded. Whether you are on the road for a while to arrive at the airport and you want a break from the kids questioning how much longer it’ll be, or you just want a comfortable pillow on which to rest your head before the flight, airport hotels are there to help.

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On the morning of your departure, all you have to do is clamber onto the shuttle bus with the kids and you’ll be at the check-in desk in no time. Even better, check in online prior to the departure date and you won’t have to worry about queues either. Just drop off your bags and you’re done. 

Make Use of Hand Luggage 
As soon as your child is old enough to have their own seat, make sure you utilise their baggage allowance. While they probably won’t need their own suitcase just yet, a rucksack full of goodies to take with them in the cabin can help to keep boredom at bay. Pop it underneath the seat in front so that they can access it without the need to root around the overheard storage and pack it full of things that will keep them busy – colouring books, jigsaws, hand-held games consoles – you know the score. 

Take Some Snacks 
This is particularly useful for infants and toddlers who can often be distracted from the length of a journey with a carefully timed snack. Crisps, dried fruit or cereal bars will keep their mind occupied if they seem to be getting a little tetchy. 

During take-off and landing, encourage them to take a drink, or suck on a sweet, or have some formula or breast milk, to try and ease the pain of earache. 

It’s a common belief that children will detect when their parents are stressed and will act up at the same time. Try and relax and take things in your stride and chances are, your kids will be happy and chilled out too. You don’t need to have landed in the resort to start enjoying yourself – as soon as you lock up at home, remember, it’s holiday time!

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