Monday, May 20, 2013

Beach Essentials Week - The Basics

Our first beach trip of the season is only a few days away and we have started gathering all of our must haves for our vacation. During the next couple of days, I will be sharing all of our essentials from sunscreen to swimwear, toys and games, everything will be included. We'll kick off our Beach Essentials Week with the basics - our must have gear.

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Oversized towel  - While Jack has his own adorable beach towel, an oversized towel always comes in handy when a sand-free rest is much needed.
Rolling Cooler - I love the idea of a convertible cooler. You can wheel it to the beach and then switch to back pack mode once you get to the sand. Perfect!

Folding Chair + umbrella - Brad and I already have folding chairs and umbrellas but this year we decided that Jack was old enough for one as well.  This Pottery Barn Kids chair is light weight and easy to fold and carry plus it can be personalized.
Beach Cart - Isn't it crazy how many things we need to bring to the beach to simply just sit and relax? It's incredible! We decided to make it easier on ourselves (and our backs) and bought a beach cart. This cart is similar to what we bought and features oversized wheels for easy navigating through the sand, tons of room for a cooler, chairs, toys and so much more.
Beach Tent We've had this beach tent since 2011 and I must admit that it was hard to put it together the first time but once we got a hang of it was a breeze. It's huge, there's enough room for two chairs and a cooler. It was perfect spot for Jack to cool off and take naps as an infant.


  1. We live next to the beach and I wish we needed essentials like this. But more often than not all we're in need of is a rain jacket & an umbrella! Hopefully the weather will be better on your vacation than it is in Scotland!

    1. Oh no! But a beach in Scotland? I can only imagine how beautiful it is :)


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