Friday, January 25, 2013

Twins for a Day... or three

Who says that just because you have a son you can't wear matching outfits? I figured I only have a small window of opportunity before Jack realizes it's not cool to be dressed like his mom! Until then....

Look one - On myself: Old Navy fox sweater 
                        On Jack: Target fox sweater

Look two - On myself: Zara dinosaur sweatshirt tee, Old Navy skinny jeans
                        On Jack: Old Navy dinosaur tee, Polarn O. Pyret skinny jeans

Look three - On myself: Old Navy chambray shirt, Roxy shorts
                           On Jack: GAP Kids chambray shirt, GAP Kids shorts


  1. OMG you two look lovely and adorable. Enjoy the time before Jack actually realizes and asks you not to dress like him!!!

  2. This is adorable!!! I'm going to try to find a few matching pieces for me and my little guy!


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