Monday, January 28, 2013

Jack's 2nd Birthday Celebration

Jack woke up on his birthday to a colorful array of balloons. Immediately after, he started opening gifts and we took him downstairs to his new Jump n Slide Bouncer.  A breakfast of fresh banana pancakes, eggs and bacon followed by a birthday cupcake rounded up his morning.


On Saturday afternoon we headed to Monkey Joe's for an afternoon of fun with Jack's friends. Jack loved his race track cake inspired by's  "The Right Track" we mailed out. The cake was not only amazing but it tasted so good!

race track car cake

Time to blow out the candle!

Funnest birthday party ever!

 I must say that I loved the convenience of having his birthday party at Monkey Joe's. We simply showed up with the cake and party favors, and they took care of the rest! Our little guest & their parents enjoyed a energy filled afternoon and I was able to be part of all the festivities without any major hostess duties.


  1. We had a huuuuge 1st birthday party for Ethan (120 people, eep!) at my parent's house, farm themed with a petting zoo and pony rides, etc. It was a blast, but I was SO! STRESSED! OUT! for months leading up to the party that this year, for Ethan's 2nd, we booked his party at My Gym. I'm really looking forward to just showing up with the birthday boy and the cake and letting the toddlers just play! Love these pictures (we love monkey Joes!) -- the cake is AWESOME! Looks like Jack had a wonderful birthday and party!

    1. Same here Lindsay! We went all out for his 1st birthday, it was so refreshing and less complicated to have it a Monkey Joe's! We might never host a party at home or that my in law's again :)

  2. Happy birthday big guy!

  3. Oh, such a wonderful birthday celebration. Jack is a handsome guy. Glad he has turned one already. I can't imagine my little boy is growing fast and will be turning one too soon. Happy birthday!!!

  4. Balloons are amazing surprise and they are liked by people of all ages. It is a very good surprise for anyone. I like all the preparations which are made above by Jack's parents to make him feel very special. Children are very excited for their birthday and they expect a lot on this day. They are innocent and have a much anxiousness for this day. I will also plan something like this for my son's birthday next month.


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