Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Big Boy Beds: Affordable Options - Single & Full Beds

Continuing with my quest for the best big boy bed option for Jack, today I want to share some affordable single and full beds from IKEA. I like the idea of moving up to a twin bed from the start, not only will I be saving money by skipping a conversion kit or toddler bed but the bed will be used for a longer period of time.  While not much bigger in length, full beds are significantly larger in width. This option could last well until his teenage years. 

Note: Twin beds are 39" wide, single beds don't really have a standard dimension - some are 39" while others can be smaller.
Single beds: Malm $89 // Hemnes $199 // Odda $149
Full Beds: Malm $139 //  Hemnes $249 // Nordli $249

If you moved your toddler from crib directly to a twin/single or full/queen bed, where you happy with the transition?


  1. My sister actually went from crib to Queen with her girls because that is what she had available. She put bed rails on them and had no issues. Of course she had a hard time finding kid style sheets in queen but eventually found some.

    1. A friend of mine told me today she moved her toddler to a full bed and it's come in super handy. He's been sick for the last couple of days and she's been able to lay down with him at night :)

    2. Now THAT right there sells me on the full size option! My daughter just turned two and is still okay in her crib. I'm thinking about keeping her in there until she's 16. ;)


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