Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Check it out: Picasound

If you have a toddler like I do, then you know how hard it is to get them to sit still for more than 2 seconds let alone sit and look at the camera long enough for you to take a picture. In comes Picasound,  a new app that allows you to pick from 48 unique sounds that play on a loop while you take a picture! Genius, right? If you want to capture your baby, toddler or even pet's attention then you need to check out the Picasound  app - $1.99.

This app worked like magic on Jack although at the end, he was curious as to where the sounds were coming from and wanted to grab my phone. This gave us the chance to browse  all of the available sounds together.

Looking straight at the camera - thanks Picasound!

Compatible with all iPhones (including the new iPhone5), Picasound gives you the ability to share your  pictures directly from the app to your Facebook, Twitter or email and all photos are also saved to your phone’s camera roll.

A family picture using the front-facing camera feature

The app is easy to use - simply select the category and sound and press down the capture button to play the sound on a loop. When you are ready to take the picture just release the camera button. Make sure you have your phone's volume turned all the way up to ensure your child or pet will hear the sounds.

Picasound includes a variety of animal sounds including a cow mooing, a dog barking and a pig oinking as well as instruments such as a piano, electric guitar and bongo drums. There are also a variety of noises and people sounds. Once you determine which sounds your child likes best, you can include it in your "favorites" so they are easily accessible next time you need snap a picture. Jack's favorites sounds were the drums, monkey and the train - of course.

To download this app $1.99 and to check compatibility requirements visit Picasound on iTunes.


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