Thursday, November 01, 2012

Our 1st time trick or treater

Jack 1st Halloween was a complete success! He dressed as a lumberJack - so did Brad and looked adorable. We are actually thinking of having him dress up a something that includes his name every year. There are so many great "jack" costumes out there.  I had ordered him and Brad matching beards but decided last minute to go for a eyeliner/painted on one.
We had a pre-halloween photo shoot at my in laws lake house  - the lumberjack's natural habitat.

Let the trick or treating begin!

First house, Jack did great! He had his friend Price leading the way since he's older. When I saw him walking to the second house, I got a little teary eyed, my baby is growing up so fast!



  1. What an awesome costume! They look great. Too cute!

  2. Great idea, too cute! My oldest son's middle name is Jack after my late dad. :) SO I think it's a great name as well.


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