Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Read: Andrew Solomon's Far From the Tree

It's very rare these days that I have time to read anything - I have about 15 magazines from the last few months that I still have to catch up on - but when I saw a story about Andrew Solomon's new book, I knew I had to order it. I first heard about  Far From The Tree: Parents, Children, and The Search For Identity when I saw a special on the author featured in Rock Center.
In his book, Solomon introduces us to families who are coping with deafness, dwarfism, Down syndrome, autism, schizophrenia and, in some cases, multiple extreme disabilities. He writes about rape victims who have kept their children, about the parents of criminals (including Dylan Klebold's parents) and about transgender children. The book is about children who are born or who grow up in ways their parents never expected.
I'm so intrigued by this book, that I decided to overlook the fact that it's over 1000 pages. I can't wait to start reading it!
What books are you currently reading? What have you added to your future reading list?
I would love to hear some recommendations.

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