Monday, August 06, 2012

The new JACKson Pollock - Fingerpaint Masterpiece

This is probably my favorite summer project we've done so far with Jack. Last week while I was at Target I bought some washable Crayola Fingerpaints, I already had the canvas at home so it was a relatively inexpensive project. 

We put the paint in plastic plates - two colors per plate - and let Jack select which colors he wanted to use. Since we were outside and he was only wearing a diaper, we didn't have to worry about making a  mess.

The artist working on his master piece.

Not only did he have an great time painting the canvas and himself as you can see but we now have an amazing piece of artwork that has been added to our staircase gallery wall. We loved this project so much that we are making smaller pieces to give to our immediate family during Christmas. 

I wanted to remember this day so I thought it would be neat to have a few images of that day printed, I'll frame them soon using a double frame and hang them next to the art work.

What fun art projects have you been doing with your little ones this summer?


  1. Gorgeous photos and what a little masterpiece you now have gracing your wall. I've done various handprint and fingerprint art work with my little boy but I'd love him to have a go at this. I'm sure he'd love it.... plus then I'd have a masterpiece e too! X

  2. You go Jack!!! Quite the little artist you are!!
    Maria, I love that you hung it right away . . . so great for his self esteem! -- Donna Summers


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