Monday, July 09, 2012

What He'll be wearing

Although it's still too hot in Georgia to be wearing long pants, I'm already planning ahead for cooler weather outfits. Check out some of my favorite pieces below. 

Counts of A Courageous Cosmonaut Tee -  $22.95
Red Chambray Roll Up Pants - $29.95

Retro Sunglasses - $9.95
Striped Straw Fedora - $19.95
Perforated Slip-ones - $12-95

At home
Striped Pocket Tee - $14.95
Anchor roll-up pants - $16.95

Coming up tomorrow: A look at girl's playdate & at home outfits.


  1. So cute. Thanks to the post you did earlier this summer, I picked up two pairs of those shoes for my 3 year old- they hold up so well to all of the elements of summer! ;)

    1. Great to hear Kate! I love them, I'm going back this week to get him a red pair.

  2. I love the fadora it would be super cute on him.


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