Thursday, May 03, 2012

Storage Solutions - Space Bag

As a first time mom - and fashion lover - my little guy has more clothes than he really needs. Add that to the alarming rates at which he's growing and it all adds up to no longer having space to store all of his outgrown outfits and shoes. In comes Space Bag to save the day. 

Space Bag’s help you triple your storage space with their line of reusable, waterproof, vacuum-seal storage bags. Each bag enables people to protect items like garments, bedding, and other compressible items.  


These bags have saved my life! I buy them in different sizes, label them according to sizes and store them in my attic. After using compressing the items, the bag shrinks to over half it's size - perfect for this fashion mom!

What are your favorite and most effective storage solutions?


  1. I must do this! Thanks for the brilliant suggestion.

  2. I will have to try these! My sister loves them, and at the rate I am buying clothes for our little girl who isn't even here yet... I will need them!


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