Monday, May 21, 2012

Potty Talk

While we don't plan to start potty just yet, I've already started doing research on potty training methods for boys as well top rated potties. Below are some of the most popular potties from the high end to the super affordable.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair // This potty chair is sturdy and rests firmly on the floor. The high backrest and round, ergonomic lines make sitting as comfortable as can be - even for longer periods of time. Easy to clean and features a splashguard to prevent spills. It's made of recyclable, PVC-free plastic.

Hoppop Torro Potty // It's sleek, affordable design is perfect small bathrooms. Its compact size makes it easy to clean and store away.

Boon Potty Bench // Keeps everything handy and organized for your little one. One side drawer has a toilet paper roll holder; the other has room to store wipes. Close the lid and it coverts into a stool that can support up to 300 pounds.

Hoppop Donut // Small and compact, ideal for a beginner. The top is removable for easy cleaning.

Fisher Price Froggy Potty // Designed to be inviting, this potty has smooth edges and is easy to use and clean.

IKEA LATTSAM Potty // Super affordable - less than $5 - this potty features anti-slip material on the bottom. The potty won't move easily when your child is using it.

Do you have a favorite potty? Did you follow any specific methods for potty training?


  1. i got my daughter this one in pink of course she likes it and it plays music when u go.

    also i cant find the other one i have on the site but u can see on my post a pic of her sitting on it and i got it for 10 bucks this is out 2nd one to take along to grandmas hous

    good luck when u start i wish i had advice but i failed at my first attempt=\

  2. Huge fan of the Ikea Potty. So easy to clean! We did a rewards chart for my oldest. I thought it would last forever, but after about 2 weeks he just started going on his own. We rewarded him in 4 ways - sitting on the potty, #1, #2, no accidents in underware. It worked for us. Good luck!

  3. Such a great post! We're thinking about startinG with Daniel soon (ish) we have a couple of super cheap potties and a seat for our toilet, some 'big boy pants' and a load of smarties! I think we'll probably just wing it, all the advice is super confusing!!! Xxx


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