Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Diaper Bag Series - Inside my diaper bag


Inspired by the bag post from my Through Her Eyes Series,  last year I asked some of my favorite mommy bloggers to share the contents of their diaper bags in The Diaper Bag Series. I never got to share the contents of my own diaper bag so now you get the chance to take a peek inside. My diaper bag often doubles as my purse. It's big enough to hold of Jack's things plus my essentials - keys, phone, wallet and lisptick.

If you would like to be featured in a future edition of The Diaper Bags Series, please email me at hellojackblog@gmail.com
(no longer available)

1. Changing pad (included with diaper bag)
4. Bob Marley Bib (similar)
7. Burp cloth handmade by a friend
8. Paci (only used in extreme cases)
10. Baggu reusable pouch with extra diapers + outfit (similar style)

Interested in what other mommies have in their diaper bags? Make sure you check out Growing Up Greeky and her lovely co-host Nancy from The Chrancy Family's Toddle Along Tuesday today!


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