Thursday, February 02, 2012

Easy Valentine's Day Project

I've been searching for simple Valentine's Day crafts for Jack and I to do together. I spotted this adorable {and super affordable} Valentine's Day heart stamp project on Rust & Sunshine and knew it would be perfect for us. Check it out below.

Empty roll of toilet paper
Red paint
Blank cards

Cute right? Stay tuned for our finished card next week!


  1. Great minds think a like! Preston and I just got through making some DIY art work and a DIY valentine's day card for his daddy. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. I'm really interested to see if Jack can pull this off. I think Addie would get paint everywhere and possibly try to eat it. I can't wait to see it.

    1. We'll see! I'm sure it will be a big mess but that will make it even better!

  3. aww!! I totally just featured this on my blog on Wednesday!! Its so cute and so Easy!! I used it for Liams envelopes!! May be the quickest cheapest project for toddlers yet :)


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