Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monkey Joe's: Affordable & Fun!

Last week Brad and I decided to take Jack to Monkey Joe's for the first time. Jack loves going to the park and this Spring he will be starting swimming lessons but in the mean time, I wanted to find other fun and affordable activities for him. Monkey Joe's was the perfect option for us. The first visit is free so you can try it out and make sure your kids will enjoy the experience before paying.

We decided to go on a Thursday afternoon, around 3. There were only a few people there so Jack also had the chance to run around the play center. To ensure the safety of every kid, Monkey Joe's provides parents and children matching wrist bands -the wrist bands are checked by a staff member at the door.

Since Jack is only 1, he only pays $5 per visit - yes, $5! No time limit! The Mini Monkey Zone is designated for the 3 and under crowd. This small area includes an inflatable slide and a jump - both parent accessible. It was definitively a good idea that both of us went since you need two people for the inflatable slide (one to catch, one to release).

As you can tell, our little man had an awesome time so we've decided to make it a weekly family activity. What fun, affordable or free activities does your family enjoy? I would love some ideas!

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  1. We have a similar place locally and we just love taking Evan! It's a great opportunity to get out and have some quality time when we can't get to the park. Love the photos!


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