Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Maternity Wear: The Hatch

When I was pregnant last year, I was lucky enough to be able to wear most of my non maternity clothing up until 20 weeks. After that, it was maternity all the way. It wasn't hard to find cute & stylish pieces, the  problem I had was spending money on items that I would probably only wear a few times. When I discovered HATCH, I knew this line would be perfect for any of my future pregnancies! Not only have they created a super chic maternity collection but their pieces are intended to be worn before, during and after pregnancy - geniusNow I won't feel guilty when I spend a little extra money on "maternity" clothing.


HATCH was conceived in 2011 by new mom and founder of twobirds Bridesmaid, Ariane Goldman, in response to a expanding group of style-savvy expectant mothers who you'd never EVER see in any ordinary "maternity" section. HATCH was hatched as a finely edited collection of chic and flattering wardrobe essentials cool and busy women can truly wear before, during, and after pregnancy. And because feeling sexy and beautiful should always go hand-in-hand, every HATCH piece was designed to be ultra elegant, modern, and alluringly comfy.


  1. I felt the same way with not wanting to spend lots of money on maternity clothing. I bought a few staples and borrowed a bunch of stuff from my sister in law which was great. I think the next time around though I would like to feel more stylish and put together. Perhaps it's worth it to bust the budget a little =)

  2. I absolutely love these outfits. I was like you and wore my own stuff probably til about 20 weeks. It's always nice to find a place that sells maternity clothes that are cute as well!

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