Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jack's Playroom Part III

Well... the guest to playroom transformation has been on hold for a while. Mainly because we had guests over the holidays and we have guests for Jack's birthday party this weekend. We are moving forward with the new room 100% in February. I think I have finally found an affordable daybed for the room.  

This Brimnes daybed from Ikea comes with two drawers for extra storage and it's only $199. It can be used as a single or bed for two. My first choice for a daybed had been West Elm's Overlapping Squares Daybed but A. it's no longer available and B. the price tag - over $400 - was more than we were willing to pay.

We will not only save some money with this daybed but free up some play space for Jack. If needed, we can convert it to a double bed without taking any extra space when Jack is in his playroom during the day or when we don't have any guests over.  This Brimnes bed has much needed storage, it can be customized to each room depending on the occasion and has a price tag you can't beat! Sold!

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  1. I think that is a good choice. It looks nice and is reasonably priced.


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