Monday, January 02, 2012

Healthy 2012

Even though I was lucky to lose all of my pregnancy weight quickly after Jack was born, I had an extra 10-15 lbs I wanted to lose before I even got pregnant. I decided that 2012 would be the year to get healthy & exercise often! The wonderful people over at Sensa, mailed me a 60 day trial kit as well as their Chews (Chocolate Fudge) and Quench Vitamin Drink (Orange Crush) last month.

What is Sensa?

SENSA® was designed to work with your sense of smell to help trigger Sensory Specific Satiety.
The scientific principle behind SENSA® is remarkably simple. As you eat smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it's time to stop eating. This is a phenomenon we call Sensory Specific Satiety. By enhancing smell, SENSA® Tastants were designed to help speed up the process and trigger your "I feel full" signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied. Because SENSA® works with your body's natural impulses, rather than against them, there are no feelings of hunger or intense cravings.

The Sensa weight loss program is pretty simple, just sprinkle it on your favorite foods to curb your appetite and lose weight with out feeling hungry or deprived. Of course while using Sensa, I will be following a healthy eating plan as well as exercising regularly (I'm looking into taking spinning classes). Follow me as I try to lose those extra lbs, I will be checking back on February with a progress post and on March with a final result post.

 Here 's to a healthy 2012!


  1. Good luck! I'm hoping 2012 will be my year to get healthy as well.

  2. I've been wanting to try Sensa. I can't wait to read your followup posts.


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