Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Best birthday gift...

There is no denying the Jack is one lucky little boy! He was not only showered with love for his birthday but he received some very generous gifts from our family and friends. While all gifts are equally appreciated, there was one that touched my heart dearly. My mother and father in law got him a special book and while is still too young to appreciate it, I can't wait until the day when he realizes how fantastic this book is.  

Jack got "My Very Own Name" book. This beautifully illustrated book was personalized just for him. It comes with a special dedication and it will teach Jack his birth date and how to spell his first and last name through a beautiful story. Each letter of his first and last name is presented in rhymes by a special animal - a Jackal brings a J and antelope brings an A and so on - at the end of the book they celebrate the perfect name they have created. The learning doesn't stop there, included at the end of the book is a animal encyclopedia that covers most animals from A to Z. I've added this book to my favorite things to give to newborns and children, it's such a unique gift!

I can't image how special Jack is going to feel once he realizes that there is book all about him.

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