Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jack's Viking Hat

I consider myself a stylish mom -I love fashion & design. I pride myself in dressing Jack Attack in the cutest outfits and trust me, sometimes it's hard with what is available out there for little boys. When I ordered this Viking Hat from Chaos & Love I never imagined that it would become the most admired piece of clothing/accessories in young Jack's closet. 

We were in Savannah this past weekend and Jack wore his viking hat for two days. I've never had so many complete strangers stop me and tell me how cool his hat was. Everyone from young moms like myself, grandmothers, hip SCAD students and even the guy valet parking our car stopped us. Needless to say, this hat was a complete hit. 

You can get your little one their own viking hat - $20 from Love & Chaos right here.

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