Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful November: Day 11

Today I'm thankful for my biggest love in the world - my son Jack, who today is 10 months old. 

I will never be able to express how thankful I am that you came into my life, I thank God everyday for making me your mami. Nothing compares to the love I feel for you. You are the reason why I wake up every morning my love. Your sweet smile and your sparkling blue eyes fill my heart with joy. I will live to make you happy! Thank you mi Nino! Nothing will ever be the same, you have made my life complete...


  1. So sweet! And happy 10 months, Jack! I forgot he and Olivia share the same day! :)

  2. Happy 10 Months to Jack! I can't believe he's getting so big. Such a handsome little man! <3

  3. I can't stop crying reading your post. I have to agree, strongly agree that babies give are reason to wake up each morning, even with tears in your eyes. Even if you desire to stop fighting, you simply can't. Our babies are the reason why we are strong. That's why I keep an online photo album of my kids. So that whenever I feel down, I can still see their faces smiling down at me.

    I thank God for babies


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