Friday, November 04, 2011

Jack's New Playroom Part II

If you remember from a previous post, we are converting our guest bedroom into a guestroom/playroom for Jack. I wanted to show you what the room currently looks like so you have an idea what we are working with. 

The full bed will be replaced with a daybed and we will be adding tons of storage 
for Jack's toys.

Just in time for this room makeover came a Gilt Home contest. Gilt Home is giving away a $3000 giftcard to Gilt Home and a design consultation to the first place winner. This entry will be selected by them. The second place the entry is the fan favorite and will receive a $1000 giftcard.

I decided to enter and get some help with our new guestroom/playroom so
 we need your help! 

If you have a free second please vote for us here and share it with you friends, it would
mean the world to me.


Thank you for your comment! ♥

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