Thursday, October 06, 2011

Real Inspiration: Real Nursery

I'm so happy to share the lovely nursery that Molly and her husband Carl created for the adorable baby boy Cam. Molly and I are part of an amazing group of 250 woman that were due January 2011. We were able to share our pregnancies and now we have the opportunity to see are wonderful babies grow and explore the world. Thank you Molly for sharing your nursery with us! Enjoy!


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, Carl started ripping out the carpet in our soon to be nursery. He wanted to lay hardwood floors, and jumped at the chance to get started right away. So while I was napping, trying to sleep off the most exhausting and nauseating few weeks of my life, he was making a great deal of noise down the hall. I slept through it. Pregnancy will do that to you I suppose! Other than that, it was left up to me to figure out the rest.


I knew I didn't want a theme, and while I didn't want anything too matchy matchy, I also don't pull off "eclectic" well, at all. I suppose transitional is the best word to describe our style. From there I started deciding what colors I wanted and landed on shades of blues and greens. Rather than pastels, I went the aqua, teal, avocado route. I found the bedding at Land of Nod, and everything fell into place. Per my request, Carl and his Dad built the bookcase to fit the awkward space and labored over the wainscoting. I love that I can give them an idea, and they run with it and make it a reality!


I love that it doesn't scream "Hey! A baby lives here!" And at the same time, it's not stuffy or cold. It's still a welcoming room, which was an important feature to me.


Check out more of her design process here & here.

Resource Guide:
Crib: Made by Carl and my Father-in-Law
Bedding: Land of Nod- Full Circle
Frames: Pottery Barn Kids
ABC & 123 Art: SugarFresh Designs on Etsy (Custom Colors)
Rocking Chair: Land of Nod
Corldess, Wandless Room Darkening Shades: Lowe's
Lamp: Home Goods
Closet Organization: Lowe's by Rubbermaid
Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Bookshelf: Made by Carl and my Father-in-Law
Paint Color- Sierra Madre Ace 2007 Line (The year is important as they changed the color, but not the name)

If you would like to submit your nursery for consideration please email
me at hellojackblog@


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