Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Diaper Bag Series!


We are now on week three of The Diaper Bag Series, time is flying by!

Featured this week is Melissa from Growing Up Geeky. Melissa and I have been mommy
e-friends since our early days on The Bump and since our babies were the size of a blueberry! We are part of a wonderful, supportive group of women that have pretty much gone through their entire pregnancies  and mommyhood together.

Check out her must haves and how adorable is baby Carina? Look at that sweet smile!


Before I chose a diaper bag, I heard so many new Moms complain about never having enough space in their bags. So I did what any slightly neurotic type-A Momma would do; I bought a diaper bag made for twins when I only have a singleton. The Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe is everything I hoped for and more; it has more pockets and compartments than I know what to do with. As Carina - who is 7 Months old - grows, there will still be plenty of space for snacks, more toys, and the DSLR that Momma is planning on getting in the very near future.

Because this bag is enormous, I have managed to cram the following inside: 5+ diapers (I like to be prepared), wipes, changing pad, poop-smell-hiding diaper disposal bags, bib, nursing cover, burp cloths, baby-safe sunscreen, board book, chicken toy (bawk!), kitty WubbaNub, sassy link toy, monkey lovey, a bow/headband, an extra outfit, my favorite argyle BabyLegs, and disposable diaper pad liners - to put in between grimy changing stations and my changing pad. I guess you could say I'm a germaphobe. I usually throw my wallet and iPhone in there before I go anywhere, too. And the answer to the question I know you are wondering is Yes, I almost tip over from the sheer weight of this bag and everything in it while I'm carrying it around.


  1. Wow good call getting a twin sized bag! I had to upgrade and so I now have a big bag too! And since it's from vera bradley, it's very bright and colorful which I love!! :o)

    PS Yay for thebump!! :o) {Dec '10 Mom here}

  2. OMG. Why have I been unaware of said twin size bags?! My singleton bag is always bursting at the seams.

  3. Nice! I always carry a TON of stuff, too!

  4. I've always heard good reviews about the Skip Hop bags and this post shows proof! Maybe I need something like that because I tend to carry a lot of things too.

    Off to search for a Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe bags! *browses the web*

  5. Thanks, ladies! You make me feel a little less crazy...

    And thanks for featuring me, Momma!


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